In the Heart of the Jewish Homeland

The French brothers Marie-Théodor and Marie-Alphonse Ratisbonne were converts to Catholicism from Judaism, who dedicated their lives to the conversion of Jews to the Catholic faith.

They both became priests and then later missionaries.

In 1852 they founded a congregation dedicated to the education of Jewish children in a Christian setting, and then in 1855  Pope Gregory XVI gave his blessing to move the congregation to the heart of the Jewish homeland – Jerusalem. Ask yourself this question, why would two brothers who dedicated their lives to converting Jewish boys and girls in 1855 choose to move their ministry to Jerusalem, if there were no or few Jewish people there at the time? Does that make any sense? How odd that they would choose a place that supposedly had no Jews. Or maybe it did and what you’ve been told about Jews in Israel is a lie. There were Jews in Jerusalem and the rest of the holy land at the time, just as there were continuously for thousands of years. Even when Jews were evicted from the land, they eventually returned home.

To this day, their church survives in Israel with the goal not of conversion, but improving Jewish/Christian relations.  The name of the congregation they founded?


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American Zionism on the Radio

I will be on an Israeli radio show tomorrow, Thursday August 17th 2016, titled Bulletproof.

The link for the show
and the link tomorrow’s show! 

Here is the description of the show and how to call in:

Tomorrow’s show is going to be off the charts! Israel News Talk Radio – INTRI have 2 Israeli advocacy warriors who will be my guests and you will not believe some of the anti Israel lies they have been debunking! The phone lines will be open, so feel free to call in and let the world hear what you have to say!

To call in: North America – (301) 768 – 4841 Israel: (02) 65 00 151 Thursday 5:00 PM IL time 10:00 AM EST

Anatomy of a Pallywood Fake

Anatomy of a Pallywood Fake

When someone takes a real image of Israelis and photoshops it to defame the Jewish states, it spreads so quickly and ubiquitously that it is often hard to find the original. But with a little time and desire to find the truth, you can not only find the real image, but break apart and debunk the fake.

Here is the original photo. Two soldiers smiling and posing with Israeli flags.Capture4.PNG

and here is the fake.


First, ask yourself, why would anyone create placards like that and then pose with them, and post them to be a target of international scorn not only for yourself, but for your country, which is already subjected to scrutiny the likes never seen in history.

If that is not enough to convince you, lets look at a few clear signs that this image is a forgery.


  1. Look closely at the blue of the words vs the blue of the stripes. Notice that the stripes are faded and almost a little blurred. Now look at the words. They are crisp and even. It’s something much harder to fake and takes lots of time and skill to get right. Something the forger lacked.
  2. Notice the words “We Kill.” Does anything seems off to you? That’s because they aren’t centered on the placard. Now look at the original and notice the stars are centered.
  3. Next focus on the fingers. Notice in the real image that where the fingers meet the blue stripes, shadowing occurs. A natural affect of the light from the flash at night. Now look at the forged part on the right. No shadowing. Apparently the forger didn’t think people would look that closely so didn’t take the time to painstakingly add it pixel by pixel.

There are probably other signs you can find if you look closely that it’s a forgery. But it doesn’t matter. For every one of other real images you find online, you will find 100 of the fakes. And people believe the fake is real because they want to. They don’t question and don’t look that closely. They are victims of their prejudice and hate. The end effect is that Israel is condemned and these two ladies are defamed all based on a lie that will live on ad infinitum.

Refuting the ‘Hitler Was a Zionist’ Lie

Refuting the ‘Hitler Was a Zionist’ Lie

In their own words. A meeting between Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem refutes the lies that Nazis supported Zionism and that Arabs welcomed Jewish refugees.

The Nazi regime was meticulous at record keeping. The Foreign Ministry kept detailed records of all meetings and correspondence between German officials and foreign leaders. The minutes of these meetings or the correspondences were compiled in a series of documents called Akten zur deutschen auswärtigen Politik or, translated into English, Files for German Foreign Policy. The files were divided into series, volumes, and document numbers chronologically.

After the war, the State Department of the United States of American obtained these documents and translated them into English, complied in books called Documents on German Foreign Policy. The original documents in German can be found online here

Documents on German Foreign Policy Series D Volume XII Number 515 documents the minutes of a historic meeting between German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, still one of the most important figures in the Arab world at the time and the undisputed leader of Palestinian Arabs. The transcripts of this meeting provides irrefutable proof that Hitler was not and never was a Zionist or a supporter of a Jewish homeland in Mandatory Palestine.


At the beginning of the meeting the Mufti thanked Hitler and told him that Hitler is admired by the entire Arab world. The Mufti then thanked Hitler for:

Sympathy which he (Hitler) had always shown for the Arab and especially the Palestinian cause and to which he had given clear expression in his public speeches.

The two most important words to note above are always and public. The sympathy for the “Palestinian cause” refers to rejecting a Jewish homeland in Mandatory Palestine. This sentiment was previously noted in a letter sent to to the Mufti by the German foreign ministry earlier that year. The Mufti stating that Hitler had expressed this sentiment in “public speeches” makes it clear that it was publicly knows Hitler objected to the formation of a Jewish state. More evidence to this will come out later from the meeting.

The Mufti also stated that Arabs and Germany were natural allies because they shared common enemies.

The Arabs were Germany’s natural friends because they had the same enemies as had Germany, namely the English, the Jews, and the Communists.

This works against another common myth that Arabs openly welcomed Jewish refugees into Mandatory Palestine. The opposite is the truth. The Arabs were instrumental in pushing Neville Chamberlain to sign the White Papers of 1939 which limited Jewish immigration to Mandatory Palestine during the most trying years of the Holocaust.

The Mufti expressed to Hitler not only the Arab world’s admiration for the Nazis, but said the Arab world was eager to participate in the war “with all their hearts” and that the participation could include sabotage, instigation of revolution (against the allies), and “formation of an Arab Legion” to fight for the Nazis. He said that the legion would be “quite easy to raise.” We know that the Mufti was serious because he would later be instrumental in helping organize and recruit volunteers for a Bosnian Muslim SS unit called the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar.


We also know from records that the Nazis had plans to form an Arab Einsatzgruppe or mobile killing unit whose sole responsibility was to follow the German army and mass murder Jews after an area was entered to exterminate the Jews from Arab lands. The Mufti was one of the reasons the Einsatzgruppe was possible since Arab volunteers would be needed for the unit and the Mufti would be able to help in that capacity. (see Plans for the Middle East)

Back to the meeting. The Mufti continued with his praise of Hitler and the Nazi cause stating the Arabs had the fullest confidence that Hitler would win the war because “the Almighty could never award the victory to an unjust cause” and looked to him to take vengeance on their shared enemies (Jews).

The Mufti then goes on to mention the letter that he received from Ernst von Weizsäcker, the State Secretary at the Foreign Office of Nazi Germany at the time. The letter is dated April 8, 1941 – just  7 months before this meeting between the Mufti and Hitler. The letter can be found in in Volume 12 of Series D document 293 of the Files for German Foreign Policy. The Mufti emphasizes some of the content of this letter, which was the official stance of the Third Reich on the matter concerning the Jews of Palestine. The Mufti states from the letter that Germany understood and recognized the aspirations to independence and freedom of the Arabs, just as…

Germany supported the elimination of the Jewish national home.

It can not be more clear as this. Not only was the Nazi regime not supporting Zionism or encouraging Zionism, but they were actively opposing the very nature of Zionism – a Jewish homeland.

The Mufti went on to request that Hitler make a public declaration stating what was in the letter from April. He believed that such a declaration “would be very useful for its propagandistic effect on the Arab peoples” and would make it easier for the Mufti’s secret work to raise an Arab Legion that would patiently wait for Berlin’s orders to attack. The mufti stated that if Hitler made a public declaration “the Arabs would not lose hope” and the Arabs would then be “willing to wait.”

Finally the Mufti mentioned that the Turks would have no objection to an Arab government next to them and they had nothing to fear from the 1,700,000 Arabs inhibiting Syria, Transjordan, Iraq, and Palestine. Notice that he speaks as a representative of all the Arab people and not just the Palestinian Arabs. The Mufti’s initial aim was to build a greater Syria in those four territories. Only after that idea was squashed by the French did he turn his attention to pursue Arab Palestinian nationalism. Also note the small number of Arabs which he states were living in those four territories.

After the Mufti finished speaking it was the turn of Hitler to reply. This is in his own words proof that not only was he not a supporter of Zionism, but he was in fact anti-Zionist.

Hitler began his response to the Mufti by stating:

“Germany’s fundamental attitude on these questions, as the Mufti himself had stated, was clear. Germany stood for uncompromising war against the Jews. That naturally included active opposition to the Jewish national home in Palestine, which was nothing other than a center, in the form of a state, for the exercise of destructive influence by Jewish interests.”

How can he be more clear than that. Hitler opposed a Jewish state. There is no way to misinterpret that.

Hitler then when on to make another very important statement.

Germany was resolved, step by step, to ask one European nation after the other to solve its Jewish problem, and at the proper time direct a similar appeal to non-European nations as well.

Here Hitler was stating that he had a plan in place after the extermination of the Jews in Europe to work with the non-European nations (meaning the Arab world in this context) to exterminate the Jews. So not only did Hitler not support a Jewish state or Jewish immigration to Mandatory Palestine, but he planned on killing the Jews that were living in Palestine. This statement is corroborated by the  Einsatzgruppe mobile killing units that the Nazis were creating with Arab volunteers, as discuss above. In fact, Field Marshal Edwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, agrees to allow the Einsatzgruppe Egypt  unit to follow them as they captured the Middle East and kill the Jews, and he agreed to provide logistical support to them. (Mallmann, Klaus-Michael; Cüppers, Martin; Smith, Krista (2010). Nazi Palestine: The Plans for the Extermination of the Jews in Palestine. New York: Enigma. ISBN 1-929631-93-6.)

Luckily after the defeat at the  Battle of El Alamein that plan was scrapped.

Hitler when on to then ramble about some of the typical Nazi polemics against the Jews. He stated that Germany was engaged in a “life and death struggle” with the two citadels of Jewish power – Great Britain and the Soviet Union and that even though both countries were economically different, the Jews in both counties were “pursuing a common goal.”

Incidentally, the language that the anti-Zionist Hitler used is similar to the language that current day anti-Zionists use, like the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement, Student’s for Justice in Palestine, and other organizations. The difference is whereas Hitler claimed the Jews influenced foreign governments the anti-Zionists of today say it is Israel or Zionists. But the affect is the same.

Hitler then stated that the struggle was made to look like Germany vs Great Britain, but ideologically it was a “battle between National Socialism and the Jews.”

Hitler told the Mufti that “Germany would furnish positive and practical aid to the Arabs involved in the same struggle” (the elimination of Jews). He said that sympathies alone would do no good and the aid provided to the Arabs would need to be material. He mentioned the “operation in Iraq” were Germany was not in a position at the time to provide material support to the Arabs of Iraq and thus Great Britain  the “guardians of the Jews” suppressed it. This most likely referred to the Anglo-Iraq War that took place in May of 1941 and the Farhud which took place June of the same year. The Farhud was a Nazi-style pogrom by the pro-Nazi government of Rashid Ali  where the Jews of Iraq who had lived there for thousands of years where violently kicked out of the country. 180 Jews were killed, 1000 were injured, and Jewish homes and businesses were looted. This event is considered part of the Holocaust because of the relationship between Rashid Ali and the Nazis.

Hitler then mentioned to the Mufti that the outcome of the war would also decide the fate of the Arab world and mentioned their shared interests. But because of Germany’s fighting in the Caucuses they were not in a position to “raise the problem of Syria” at he time.

Hitler ended the conversation with the mufti with the following declaration which he said the Mufti should “lock in in the uttermost depth of his heart.”

  1. He (Hitler) would continue the battle until the total destruction of the Judeo-Communist empire in Europe.
  2. At some point in the not too distant future the Germany army would reach the southern exit of the Caucuses.
  3. At that time, the Führer would give the Arab world the assurance that its hour of liberation was at hand.
  4. Germany’s objective would then be solely the destruction of the Jewish element residing in the Arab sphere under the protection of British power.

Hitler was very clear that when the time was right, the objective of the Third Reich would be to see the extermination of the Jews from the Arab word. Clearly this is not only not Zionist but anti-Zionist. One of the goals of Zionism was to put an end to the tragedies that beset the Jewish people by having their own homeland.

The Mufti and Hitler then exchanged a few pleasantries. Hitler told the Mufti that he would be the most authoritative spokesman for the Arab world and he would be tasked with setting off the Arab operations. The Mufti said he had confidence in Hitler and asked Hitler for an assurance. Hitler told the Mufti that his word was his assurance, and the meeting ended.

It is important to note that the correspondence between the Mufti and the Nazi Foreign Ministry and the subsequent meeting with Hitler occurred as the plan to exterminate the Jews took hold. That same year the extermination of Jews by the Einsatzgruppe  in the Soviet Union had begun. The same month as the meeting the first extermination camp Chełmno opened. And, shortly after the meeting, the Nazis implemented the Final Solution to the Jewish problem at Wannsee Conference – the extermination of every single Jew.

The Mufti’s relationship with the Nazis did not end there. We already discussed he was instrumental in recruiting Bosnian Muslim soldiers to the SS and we know that he met the head of the SS, Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler on at least one occasion in 1943.

Großmufti Amin al Husseini, Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich Himmler with Haj Amin El Husseini
Heinrich Himmler with Haj Amin El Husseini — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

It has also been reported that the Mufti had a close friendship with Adolf Eichmann. During the Nuremberg Trails in 1961, Eichmann himself admitted to having met the Mufti, although denied knowing him intimately. But one of Eichmann’s aides Dieter Wisliceny stated that not only were the Mufti and Eichmann intimate friends, but that the Mufti was in fact an “initiator” of the extermination policy. He also reported that he Mufti accompanied by Eichmann had visited the gas chambers in Auschwitz. (Hopwood, Derek (1980). “Amin al-Husayni”. In Bosworth, Clifford Edmund. The Encyclopaedia of Islam, New Edition: Supplement, Parts 1-2. Leiden: Brill Archive. pp. 67–70. ISBN 978-9-004-06167-5.) An account of the visit to Auschwitz was corroborated by Dutch Holocaust Survivor Ernst Verduin. There is some speculation that Wisliceny embellished some of his testimony during the Nuremberg Trials in order to deflect blame for himself. But the relationship between the Mufti and Eichmann seem very plausible.

The Mufti lived in Berlin from 1941 to 1945 and was a well known propagandist himself, running a radio show from Berlin where he railed against the allies and actively opposed Jewish immigration to Mandatory Palestine. Activity that would continue after World War Two as the former Nazi sympathizer became a powerful and active opponent of the Jewish state until the emergence of Yasser Arafat.

From the correspondence between the Mufti and the Nazi Foreign Ministry and the infamous meeting between the Mufti and Adolf Hitler, which was meticulously documented  by the Nazis themselves, there can be no doubt that not only was Hitler nor the Nazi government at the time supporters or sympathizers with the Zionist cause, but Hitler and the Nazis were in fact anti-Zionists and supporters of exterminating the Jews of Palestine and supported establishing an Arab state instead.

Except were otherwise noted, most of this article is taken directly from the minutes of the meeting between Mohammed Amin al-Husseini and Adolph Hitler which can be read in its entirety here: Documents On German Foreign Policy Series D Volume XIII

Below, more images of the Muftis relationship with the Nazis and the letter sent from the German Foreign Ministry to the Mufti in its entirety.

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Letter from the German Foreign Ministry to the Mufti:


Images of Gaza

Images of Gaza

***Just added***

Hamas has produced a video showing how wonderful Gaza is for local consumption, while lying to the rest of the world about it being an “open air prison.” The hash tag people are holding up thanks “Thank you, Hamas” in Arabic (h/t ).

See for yourself.

Cutting through the lies told about Gaza, that it is an “open prison” or “concentration camp.” There is poverty in Gaza, but there is also five star resorts, beautiful streets, open fields, malls, supermarkets, and more. Gaza has as many millionaires per capita as Turkey or Brazil. Poverty persists because Hamas diverts funds donated to Gaza from helping the people to building terror tunnels to attack Israel. In the process 160 children have died in the building process. Here are some images from Gaza taken from twitter, posted by people living in Gaza.


The Myth of The Jewish Nazi Soldiers

The Myth of The Jewish Nazi Soldiers

***Note, I rarely do this, but because of the importance of the conclusion in this blog post, I have decided to print the conclusion first and then proceed to the the rest of the article.

Only people who were Mischling or of mixed blood possibly served in Hitler’s Army, although they were just as likely to be sent to a concentration camp. No person that was considered a Jew served in the army, thus rendering the statement that “150,000 Jews served in Hitler’s Army” as 100% false. The majority of Mischling who supposedly served in Hitler’s Army were practicing Roman Catholics or Lutherans.

In 2002, Bryan Mark Rigg wrote a book with the unfortunate title Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers. He and the book instantly became the darlings of white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and anti-Zionists. The problem is, there were ZERO openly Jewish soldiers in the Wehrmacht (the Nazi Army), in the SS, Gestapo, or even the Nazi party. Of the 150,000 that Rigg theorizes were in Hitler’s army, maybe a handful were Jews who, practicing self preservation, were hiding as “Aryans” in the Wehrmacht. The rest of them were what the Nazis classified as Mischling, which translates to mixed blood, half breeds or mongrels. The designation of Mischling was not randomly or haphazardly determined. The Nazis has a very strict classification system of determining who was a Mischling. In fact, they had a legal test to determine if a person was Mischling or Volljuden- half breeds or full Jews. This test was part of the infamous Nuremberg Laws – antisemitic, racial laws passed in 1935 that among other thing stripped Jews of German citizenship, banned intermarriage and sexual relations between Jews and Non-Jews (Germans and other “related blood”), and defined who was a Jew not by religious belief but by background. Even if you were born and raised a Christian or converted to Christianity, by Nazi law you were still a Jew, and a German who converted to Judaism was considered an Aryan.

The first decree defining who is a Jew for civil service reasons was the Law of Restoration of the Civil Service which define a Jew as anyone having at least one Jewish grandparent. These laws were used to remove Jews from any civil service jobs for the Reich government, except for a few exclusions.

“A person is … non-Aryan [if] … descended from non-Aryan, especially Jewish, parents or grandparents. This holds true even if only one parent or grandparent is … non-Aryan … [and] especially obtains if one parent or grandparent was of the Jewish faith.”

The Nuremberg Laws of 1935, further refined who was considered a Jew and for the first time applied a special test to determine if a person was a full Jew (Volljuden) or a half breed (Mischling). The Nuremberg Laws were used not only to exclude Jews from most aspects of German society, but would also be instrumental in determining who would be rounded up for transfer to a concentration camp. A debate erupted inside the Nazi party between those that wanted to classify anyone with even a quarter of Jewish blood as a full Jew, and those that were more concerned with foreign affairs and push back from Aryans, as some of these “partial Jews” were related to them. From that debate came the classifications of 1st Degree Mischling and 2nd Degree Mischling. The Nuremberg Laws were at first only applicable to Jews, but eventually supplemented to include Gypsies, Blacks, and other racial minorities. These classifications of Volljuden and Mischling played an important role in the Final Solution conference at Wannsee. At one point during the Final Solution they decided to sterilize 1st degree Mischling and deport 2nd degree Mischling that “looked Jewish” but it was never carried out because of fear of backlash from Aryan relatives.

After 1935 the Nazis had three basic categories for its citizens

  1. Full Aryan
  2. Volljuden or Full Jew
  3. Mischling or Mixed Blood

Let’s be clear about one thing. People classified as full Jews had no rights in the Nazi Germany. They could not hold civil service jobs or most any other jobs inside or outside the government, including owning a business, practicing law, or medically treating a non-Jew. After the Wannsee Conference, the only solution for these Jews was extermination. No Volljuden would have ever been trusted to serve in the Nazi army. A handful of Volljuden, in an act of self preservation hid inside of German society as non-Jews and served in the Army. They were neither open about their background, nor was it knows.

Having established that no “Full Jew” served in Hitler’s army, we will dedicate the rest of this article to the Mischlings or half breeds. The test to determine if a person as a Volljuden or Mischling has two parts.

The first part of the test defined if a person was either fully Jewish or possibly a Mischling.

  1. If a person had three or four Jewish grandparents – regardless of whether they practiced Judaism, were completely secular, or converted to a Christian faith – they were considered full Jews. These people would never be allowed to service in the Hitler’s Army. They weren’t considered human. They weren’t allowed to own businesses, practice law, or treat non-Jewish patients.
  2. If a person had exactly one Jewish grandparent and three non-Jewish grandparents they were considered Mischling of the 2nd degree. Even if both his/her parents were born Christian, were baptized, and raised as Christians, they were still considered of mixed blood.
  3. If a person had two Jewish grandparents and two non-Jewish grandparents the situation got more complicated. This is when you had to go to the second part of the test to determine if the person qualified as a Mischling of the first degree or a  Jew.

The second part of the test dealt with the issue of first degree Mischling. A person was considered a Jew if they had two Jewish grandparents and fulfilled any one of these criteria:

  1. A member of the Jewish community.
  2. Married to a Jew.
  3. Parents born after 1935 and one parent is Jewish.
  4. Born out of wedlock.

If the individual met any one of these criteria they were considered a Jew even if they themselves were practicing Christians and did not consider themselves Jews.These people would not have been allowed to serve in the Nazi army.

If a person had two Jewish grandparents and two non-Jewish grandparents and did not meet any one the four criteria above, then they would be considered a Mischling of the first degree, or the Mischling with the most Jewish blood.

Even though 1st and 2nd degree Mischling weren’t full Jews, they weren’t Aryan either and had many restrictions, such as not being able to marry Jews or Aryans, just other Mischling.  In 1939, 72,000 1st degree Mischling and 39,000 2nd degree Mischling were living in Germany according to a Reich census.

Here is an image of the Nuremberg Racial Laws that classified Mischling based on then tests defined above.


To repeat the conclusion.

Only people who were Mischling or of mixed blood possibly served in Hitler’s Army, although they were just as likely to be sent to a concentration camp. No person that was considered a Jew served in the army, thus rendering the statement that “150,000 Jews served in Hitler’s Army” as 100% false. The majority of Mischling who supposedly served in Hitler’s Army were practicing Roman Catholics or Lutherans.

To this day, however, Jew haters and anti-Israel propagandists continue to insist, despite it being 100% false, that Jews served in Hitler’s army.


The word Mischling is still used in Germany to this day for mixed breeds. It is particularly common when discussing dog breeds, as in a half Lab, half German Shepherd would be considered a Mischling. Shows you the mentality of Nazis, who equated a person with even one Jewish grandparent with a dog.

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