Anatomy of a Pallywood Fake

Anatomy of a Pallywood Fake

When someone takes a real image of Israelis and photoshops it to defame the Jewish states, it spreads so quickly and ubiquitously that it is often hard to find the original. But with a little time and desire to find the truth, you can not only find the real image, but break apart and debunk the fake.

Here is the original photo. Two soldiers smiling and posing with Israeli flags.Capture4.PNG

and here is the fake.


First, ask yourself, why would anyone create placards like that and then pose with them, and post them to be a target of international scorn not only for yourself, but for your country, which is already subjected to scrutiny the likes never seen in history.

If that is not enough to convince you, lets look at a few clear signs that this image is a forgery.


  1. Look closely at the blue of the words vs the blue of the stripes. Notice that the stripes are faded and almost a little blurred. Now look at the words. They are crisp and even. It’s something much harder to fake and takes lots of time and skill to get right. Something the forger lacked.
  2. Notice the words “We Kill.” Does anything seems off to you? That’s because they aren’t centered on the placard. Now look at the original and notice the stars are centered.
  3. Next focus on the fingers. Notice in the real image that where the fingers meet the blue stripes, shadowing occurs. A natural affect of the light from the flash at night. Now look at the forged part on the right. No shadowing. Apparently the forger didn’t think people would look that closely so didn’t take the time to painstakingly add it pixel by pixel.

There are probably other signs you can find if you look closely that it’s a forgery. But it doesn’t matter. For every one of other real images you find online, you will find 100 of the fakes. And people believe the fake is real because they want to. They don’t question and don’t look that closely. They are victims of their prejudice and hate. The end effect is that Israel is condemned and these two ladies are defamed all based on a lie that will live on ad infinitum.