How Israel Gets Defamed

A few years ago there was a story from Israel that Ethiopian women were being given birth control without their consent. Certainly if true, it is a bad thing, Women should have control of their bodies and understanding of what goes in them. When brought to its attention, the health ministry of Israel immediately demanded that the practice stop.*

However, for the people whose jobs it is to dehumanize Israel, they immediately picked up on the story and overnight it became “Israel is sterilizing black women.” There is a world of difference between reversible birth control and sterilization. If there was any wrongdoing, I am not condoning it. But certainly any reasonable person can see how the anti-Semitic/anti-Israel mindset twists information to suit their needs, until it becomes a complete fabrication.

Lets now examine this logically. There are 125,000 Ethiopian Jews in Israel. They were brought to Israel by the Israeli government in two large operations: Operation Moses in 1984 and Operation Solomon in 1991. Israel did not have to help them immigrate. Many of the Ethiopians that came were poor and had to be assisted by the state at the expense of the people. They did not bring with them wealth, education, or influence, they were simply another group of persecuted Jews that needed help, and the one place that would help them is the only Jewish state in the world, Israel. Why would Israel spend hundreds of Millions of dollars to bring them to Israel to then turn around and sterilize them. Why not leave them in Ethiopia if that is the case? Does that make any sense?

Integration has not been easy for the Ethiopian Jews and discrimination does exist (as it exists in all countries). But the people that want you to hate the Jews and Israel as much as they do, want you to think it’s endemic. Today, Israeli Jews of Ethiopian descent are involved in all aspects of Israeli society. They service in the army and the Israeli parliament. They are athletes, actors, models, doctors, rabbis, and more.

So from a story about about reversible birth control*, you get a twisted tale of sterilization and genocide. A false story that they will never let go of and keep lying to you about, until you believe it. So eventually you get twitter posts like this with hundreds of likes and retweets.


*Since the original story was published, Haaretz has issued a retraction and the Israeli State Comptroller Joseph Shapira determined that there was no evidence to support the claims. However, with the damage already done, the lies that it generated continue to circulate and have become an urban legend., Lee Yaron Jan 20, 2016 12:19 AM, Haaretz


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