By studying Karl Marx, we can learn some important lessons about antisemitism.

I am often attacked on Twitter with claims that communism is a Jewish construct or was invented by the Jews. The proof that they offer is that Karl Marx was a Jew. Karl Marx, as most people know is one of the co-authors of the Communist Manifesto, which is considered by many to be the birth of Communism. That document had a second author, Fredrich Engels – a German Lutheran, who most people conspicuously omit when talking about the birth of communism. The term communism was not even coined by Marx or Engels, nor were it’s concepts. The term communism can be traced back to French writer Victor d’Hupay and his 1777 book Projet de communauté philosophe. It was published 38 years before the birth of Karl Marx. But no one says that communism is a French construct or was invented by the French, only the Jews.

Let’s assume then that even though communism was a concept floating around it didn’t really take off until Marx & Engels published their manifesto in 1848 and made it consumable to the masses. Before getting into Marx himself, lets discuss Engels. Engels was born into a German Pietistic Lutheran family and raised accordingly. So you can say he received a Christian education. There is no trace of Jewish history in him, although you can find lots of neo-Nazi and antisemitic sites making that claim.  He spent most of his life writing about socialism and the struggles of the working class and was Marx’s chief collaborator on the manifesto and many other writings. In fact, even after Marx’s death, Engels continued to edit the Communist Manifesto. So wouldn’t it be more logical to say that communism was invented by the Jews and Germans or the Jews and Christians? A 50/50 proposition? But you never hear that communism was invented by the Christians, only the Jews. You never hear that communism is 75% German and 25% Jewish.

This leads us to the first law of racial antisemitism:

Racial Antisemitism Law #1: The one drop of blood rule.

Basically, if there is one drop of Jewish blood involved with anything bad in the world, that action or event becomes a Jewish event or the fault of the Jews. So for example, if their is a gang with 100 members, but one member is Jewish, it becomes a Jewish gang and the crimes that gang commits will be called Jewish crimes. If you point out that 99% majority of the gang was made up of say Catholics, they will tell you the Jew was the evil mastermind and made them do it.  One drop of blood equals 100% of the blame.

Bolshevik Census, 1924

A good real world example of this is Russian Bolshevism and Holomodor. The flaw logic, espoused by both the far right and regressive left, goes like this: Since Bolshevism was Jewish (which is false) then all the deaths in the 1930s and 1940s in Russia and the Holomodor famine in the Ukraine were the fault of the Jews and thus Jews were responsible for 60 million deaths and are worse than the Nazis. Never mind that only 5% of the Bolsheviks were Jews and 95% were ethnic Russians and other people of the area and that the leadership of the Bolsheviks was in equal proportions. Never mind that there more Jews who were not Bolsheviks than were, even though Jews suffered horribly under the Czar and Bolshevism offered an alternative. And never mind that in the 1940s Stalin purged, both bloody and violently, all the Jews from the leadership of the Communist Party. Also, it’s apparently irrelevant that some of the victims of the Ukrainian famine (Holomodor) were Jews. What is important is that if there was one Jew involved, it’s enough to blame all the Jews. One drop of Jewish blood equals 100% of the blame.

On to Karl Marx. Marx was born in Prussia, in what is now Germany, in 1818. It is true that his parents were born Jewish, but his father, a secular man, converted the family to Lutheran Christianity prior to the birth of Karl. Which means, Marx was not born a Jew, he did not have a ritual circumcision or a bar mitzvah and did not keep any of the laws. He also did not have any form of Jewish education. He was, however, baptized in the Lutheran church as a child, as were all his siblings and his parents. Not only was Karl Marx not born Jewish or raised Jewish, but he was in fact very antagonistic to the Jews. He was a radical anti-Semite. In 1844 he authored an essay titled  On the Jewish Question in which he quotes:

“What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.…. Money is the jealous god of Israel…”

That looks like a quote straight out of Nazi literature. So not only was Karl Marx not born Jewish, not raised Jewish, had no Jewish education, was baptized a Lutheran, but he was in fact an anti-Semite!

But because of the 1st rule of racial antisemitism, because Marx had Jewish blood, he is a Jew and thus all of communism is the fault of the Jews. Wouldn’t it make more sense to say communism is Jewish and Lutheran since he was educated in that church? 50/50? No, because one drop of Jewish blood equals 100% of the blame.

Many people argue that Engels wasn’t Christians, that he was an Atheists. That is true. But then why don’t those same logic apply to Marx? That he wasn’t a Jew because he was an Atheist? To the anti-Semites Judaism trumps everything else. Logic disappears when they are trying to demonize the Jews.

Let’s assume for a moment that Marx was a Jew, which we have already established that he was not. How does one Jew doing something become something Jewish? This leads us to our second law of racial Antisemitism:

Racial Antisemitism Law #2: One Jew does something good, it is one Jew. One Jew does something bad, it is all Jews.

If one Jew does something bad, blame all the Jews. This was a common theme in medieval times where lies of Jews killing Christian children and using their blood to make matzoh’s for Passover were use as a pretext to attack Jews and carry out pogroms. Sadly, the origins of this go back to the early church and the condemnation of every Jew for the passion and crucifixion. That is why historically, the most difficult time for Jews was around Easter. I get called a “Christ Killer” on social media because I am a Jew – both from the far right and the regressive left. Yes, the left.


Racial antisemitism law #2 is especially relevant today in Israel. Where people seek out the actions of a single Israeli to condemn all of Israeli (Jewish) society. They will seek out images of a single Israeli holding up as racist sign or wearing an anti-Arab shirt to say, “see, the Israelis are all racists.” Never mind that Israel is a very progressive society with equal rights for all faiths, races, and genders, that Israel allows same sex couples to adopt children and is the only Middle Eastern country to host gay pride parades, that Israel has air lifted over 100,000 Ethiopian Jews out of harms way and into safety, at the expense of the citizens of Israel. All they need is the one anti-Arab shirt wearer. That is why organizations like Code Pink and Black Lives Matters use fake news stories and unsubstantiated lies to attack Israel. Because all it takes is one Jew to condemn all of them. It is also why fake images of Israeli atrocities are so popular and plentiful. People are so willing and eager to accept that Jews are committing evil.

Of course, when a Jew does something good, it is never attributed to all the Jews, but on only that individual. But something a Jew does is perceived as bad, then it’s a global Jewish evil. Einstein was a German, but Marx was a Jew. Get it?

All it takes is one Jew or one drop of Jewish blood to blame the Jews for all the worlds ills.


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