Often, when someone attacks me on Twitter I like to look through their timelines to understand who I am dealing with. While looking through timelines, I noticed that a certain antisemitic group of people also happen to believe the Earth is flat. My first thought was, “Do people still believe the Earth is flat?” Sadly, the answer is yes. Most of them also believe other ridiculous conspiracy theories, such as gravity is fake or 9/11 was an inside job. The most logical explanation was they were mentally unstable. What I didn’t understand was why did they seem to also be extremely antisemitic. Is it true? Are most flat Earth believers also anti-Semites?

I decided to test my hypothesis. I first did a twitter search for the term “flat Earth.” That returned more results than it should have. I then started going down the line and searched those individuals for antisemitic tweets. It couldn’t be just anti-Israel, it had to be antisemitic or both anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. If there was a question whether they actually believed in a flat Earth or the tweet was borderline antisemitic I didn’t count it. What I found was about half of the people I searched twitter for flat Earth also had made antisemitic statements or retweeted antisemitic statements. That is a remarkable number. Keep in mind, this is not a scientific study, just my observation. After a couple of hours I had to stop searching. I could have gone on for days.

Here are some of the tweets from people that believe in a flat Earth, who also happen to be anti-Semites.

















9 thoughts on “Is a Flat Earth Antisemitic?

  1. We have all seen the well-known Twitter ‘personalities’ that persist in posting this type of stuff. It was interesting to see just how prevalent it really is …. and some people we haven’t seen before … good job AZ!


  2. Sadly there is an extremely high correlation between those that believe FlatEarth also being Holocaust Deniers, and in turn Anti Semites.
    From my experience on twitter, and I have some first hand experience with FlatEarthers the real percentage is much higher than 50%. Most of the FlatEarthers keep their Holocaust Denial private and it is only in private chats one finds out their leaning. There are also FlatEarthers in places where Holocaust Denial is illegal but still have that belief.
    Arguably the initially most prominent FlatEarther in recent years is Eric Dubay. His videos show intense Holocaust Denial and Anti Semitism. This influence could have a large bearing on the correlation, however, I suspect there is something also to the premise that both Flat Earth and Holocaust Denial and “Jews run the world and always have”, are the ‘ultimate’ conspiracies. So if a conspiracy theorist does not believe these ‘he is not really a truther’.
    For each of these they will take even a single bit of ‘evidence’ and use that to form their belief, despite ignoring such vast evidence to the contrary a single person could not grasp it all in a lifetime.
    The other factor I have found is that most of these people have little post compulsory school education and have a resentment for those of intelligence, knowledge and education. Thus if they can believe that they know something that these ‘socalled’ intelligent education and knowledgeable people do not, then these conspiracy theorists are able to feel better about themselves and have a ‘reason’ for slinging off at or attacking the ‘educated’.
    Flat Earth is quite an ultimate conspiracy for them in this regard as it forms a basis for them to believe that “everything we were ever taught is wrong”, thus the intelligent and educated are wrong. Another tick for their falsely inflated egos despite their vast ignorance.
    I have been attempting to evaluate the links between these for a while and this is what I have come up with. I hope it helps others understand this as all three of these theories have the potential to do great harm and incite great division within society in turn causing great injustice although falsely in the name of justice and truth.


    1. The ‘Flat-Earth’ Religion is much more widespread and DANGEROUS than your well written WARNING
      – For it is NOT ONLY ‘anti-ISRAEL-ism’ \ ‘anti-JEWISH-ism’ \ ‘anti-ZION-ism’ – it is also ‘anti-Biblical-CHRISTian-ism’

      I was ‘Providentially led’ to find that the ‘Flat-Earth’ Religions beliefs are known as ‘Jeranism’ – which is antirealism in its beliefs – Definition – The religious practice of believing only what you can prove.
      – And it is my personal experience that there is no argument that will change their minds-hearts – be it Biblical – or scientific – or photographic – or . . . . . .
      – If you do not believe in their Religion, you have willingly joined ALL of the other LIARS

      For those who are interested in seeing the constantly increasing numbers of those on ‘social media’ who do truly believe this example of the onset of the modern ‘neo-Dark Ages’
      Google – The Flat Earth Guide \ Jeranism \ flat earth and antisemitism


  3. I am a Biblical flat earther and I love the Jews. Personally, I don’t know why this correlation, but I know your’re right and it makes me sick. I feel I have to avoid half of the materials out there because of how offensive they are. First of all, the Bible’s cosmology is certainly a flat earth perspective and secondly, this is confirmed by any civilian who takes the time to test the curvature etc… We’ve been lied to. What does the Masonic NWO have to do the Jews? Nothing! Rothchild was a Jew, big deal! It’s not a part of Jewish doctrine to be a globalist psychopath like he was. If we want to look into bad doctrine we should look at the hate-filled bigotry of Islam. Ask X-CIA agents. 9/11 was both the US government in corroboration with Islamic terrorism. This was even admitted at one point by the Syrian government! The Jew is a friend of US and the Christian.


  4. Thank you for posting the ‘Ugly Truth’ about the Satanic Divisive Agenda of the ‘Flat-Earth’ Religious Belief \ Doctrine \ Philosophy – and its frequently believed anti-ISRAEL” \ anti-“JEW” \ anti-ZIONIST Beliefs by more and constantly-more followers
    – The ‘Flat-Earth’ Religious Belief was also followed by the ancient Egyptian \ Babylonian \ Norse \ and Germanic polytheistic Satanic Religions – which were all very anti-ISRAEL” \ anti-“JEW” in their Religious Beliefs
    – AND the ‘Flat-Earth’ Religious Beliefs are now becoming more accepted by the followers of the ‘New Age Movement’ \ Mohammedanism \ and Atheism – which are also very anti-ISRAEL” \ anti-“JEW” \ anti-ZIONIST in their Fundamental Beliefs \ Doctrines \ Philosophies \ Agendas

    I am also very aware of the fact that there has been an exponential increase in the non-Biblical anti-ISRAEL” \ anti-“JEW” \ anti-ZIONIST beliefs by more and ever-more ‘Christian’ Denominations \ Organizations \ Individuals
    – BUT – Even though more people are making the personal choice NOT TO believe that which “the Lord God Almighty” promised unto “Abram” in Genesis 12:1-3 [AV] was Eternally Verified in Genesis 15:17-18 – and confirmed in Revelation 7:4-8; 14:1-5 [AV] – “the certainty of the words of truth” are Eternally “the truth” !

    As a ‘Biblical CHRISTian’ I have been a staunch supporter of “ISRAEL” – the “JEWISH” people – and their God Given Eternal Homeland since before the ‘Six-Day War’ of 1967
    – AND my personal choice is to “believeth” “the certainty of the words of truth”:
    ~ ~ ~
    Remember Abraham, Isaac, and ISRAEL,
    AND SAIDST UNTO THEM, I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven,
    (Exodus 32:13 ~ AV)

    – AND I DO NOT believe in the recently revived ‘Flat-Earth’ Religious Belief – for I have chosen NOT TO BE:
    ~ ~ ~
    … tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine,
    (Ephesians 4:14 ~ AV)


  5. Hi AZ. I am quite sure that you are correct in your observation. Having stumbled across flat earth videos on YouTube I was astounded by their ignorance and at a loss to understand any motivation behind them, except perhaps that they were fundamentalist Christians trying to reconcile the world around them to their belief in the literal truth of the creation as described in Genesis. As such I considered them basically as harmless, misguided cranks.

    But then, from the odd word in comments on these videos, I though that I detected an anti-semitic undercurrent. So I searched the posting history of some of the highest profile flat earth video creators (Eric Dubay, StinkyCASH for example) and found that as well as posting flat earth videos, they also post anti-semitic videos complete with holocaust denial.

    And that’s how I’ve ended up looking at your blog; I Google searched “correlation between flat earth belief and holocaust denial”.

    I’m coming to realise that there is a sinister motivation at work, rather than simple crankiness. They talk about a movement that they call “New World Order”. However, I’m not sure what they believe in, other than espousing every ridiculous conspiracy theory spawned over the last few decades.

    I’m a Gentile by the way, but one who values all humanity – or nearly all 🙂


  6. A clarification on my comment above. The “New World Order” is what the flat earth/holocaust denial people say they are fighting against.

    Also since posting my comment above I have found a video on YouTube by Eric Dubay called “Adolf Hitler vs the Jew World Order”. It’s over three hours long, but the first 20 minutes is more than enough to see what it’s sating. It’s disgusting – and Eric Dubay is the “king” of the flat earth theory on YouTube.


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