Comparison of Nazi Policies and BDS

A series of tweets by Shanmukh (@maidros78) comparing Nazi policies of the 1930s and the BDS movement are reprinted below, with permission from the author. They are presented as originally published without editing. The only change made was in structure. I converted the tweets to a side-by-side comparison. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of


With the antisemitic propaganda machine running non-stop against Jews & Israel, it seems appropriate to post Nazi parallels to them.        

  Nazi Policy 

Hilberg points out Hitler’s rise didn’t create machinery for destruction of Jews. It already existed. Hitler’s rise just revitalised it.


Today, BDS campaigners don’t have to create machinery for exclusion & expulsion of Jews; it already exists. They merely need to rise.

Crude antisemitism was already distasteful to European elites. Anti Jewish measures would have to be rewritten in polished language.

Today, just pry under the BDS surface & you will see old antisemitism in full glory. But they are careful just to mouth curses at Israel.

Most Nazi officials after the war would claim that they never hated the Jews, despite horrid atrocities – they always used polished lang.

Similarly, most BDS groups claim that they never hate Jews. They are merely using the old habit of speaking smoothly & acting brutally.

Of course, when there was street thuggery, it fell to Nazi apologists & allies to soothe things. Vice Chancellor von Papen wrote to the Board of German US trade after riot in 1933 how 100s of Jewish businesses still functioned smoothly, how limited casualties were, etc

Today, we have BDS spokespeople telling us how Israel keeps functioning smoothly despite knife attacks, rocket attacks & bombings.

Schacht (German finance minister) was worried about repercussions to German industry & trade, since losses had accrued due to revulsion. Schacht was not worried about what happaned to Jews. Only the effects due to revulsion at riots. He wanted legal anti-Jewish measures.

This is precisely the attitude of the BDS campaigners. They are horrified by riots at home, but want to legally institute antisemitism.

Hence, after 1933 riots, there was a Nazi resolution that anyone engaging in unsanctioned activity against Jews was `enemy of state’, `provocateur’ & even a Jew (oder gar ein Jude). So actions against Jews were blamed on Jews themselves by Nazi propagandists.

Note today, too, how actions against Jews are quickly blamed on Jews, claimed false flag incidents, etc. When terrorists hijacked El Al to Entebbe, German intel declared it `brilliant tactic of Shin Bet to discredit Palestinians’ (William Stevenson, 90 mins at Entebbe)

After Kristallnacht, Nazis came to terms with widespread destruction of their own country. Much of material in Jewish shops & warehouses had been insured & German insurance had to pay out the claims. So, Nazis decided to impose fine of 1bn marks on Jews to recoup losses.

We are already in this stage. Israel is routinely asked to compensate terrorists who have who have been `wrongfully harmed’ etc.

In Kristallnacht, goods burnt in Jewish warehouses often belonged to German traders. Even rented warehouses belonged to German landlords 100s of synagogues were burnt & the rubble littered streets & blocked them. Consequently, Jews were required to pay for clearing them. Out of 30 Nazis tried for murder of Jews in Kristallnacht, 26 were acquitted because they were only guilty of murder. It wasn’t a crime. Other 4 convicted, because, murder apart, they `molested Jewish women’. Polluting Aryan race unforgivable. They were expelled from Party

This is one change from Nazi times. Islamists celebrate both rape&murder & their BDS allies will exonerate them of it. Change with times

How did Jews react to this growing hostility in Germany in 1930s? Many refused to ally themselves with forces hostile to Hitler, often. Assimilationist Jews declared, `No one can rob us of our German fatherland. We carry out a German, not a selfish Jewish,fight. ‘. They also declared, `One can live under any law.’. Except there was no law, except theri destruction, that was being contemplated.

Today, many people declare that Jews can live under any compromise because they’re strong. But no bargain except extinction contemplated

In 1939, German Jewish leaders asked Jews `to fulfill all orders&directives with the greatest exactitude’. Fate of Jews had been sealed.

The above highlights the fate that awaits every opponent of Islamists & their western allies. One can live with compromise, but not when the only end result sought is destruction. One cannot reason with an executioner offering `right hand’ or `left leg’. Eventually it will come to the neck, because that is the whole purpose of the process. One that disarms oneself & can only passively await the axe



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